Lucia Azevedo, Queen of Samba
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A bit about Lucia

Lucia Azevedo is a member of the dance group QUEEN OF SAMBA ENTERTAINMENT

Lucia Azevedo

Lucia Azevedo with QUEEN OF SAMBA ENTERTAINMENT has received media coverage, including appearing in numerous newspapers (Metronews, The Globe and Mail, The Province, Vancouver Sun, and others.) The group has also been proved by SATED, UBCP and ACTRA! (Brazilian UBCP THE BRAZILIAN UNION) for Union of Artist and Technical in Entertainment Shows.

Lucia is a Samba Dance teacher (SAMBA) with knowledge of many samba styles. Her experience ranges from teaching at UBC to now teaching at Scotia Center. She is also a choreographer and producer of her own shows, and designer of her own outfits.

Lucia has been hired locally and internationally by various corporate and private clients, including for a commercial by BMW, on the premise that she is a talented and incredibly skilled performance artist who knows her craft seamlessly.

About Lucia Azevedo

Vancouver's Queen of Samba is a top performer in British Columbia and one of the hardest working dancers in the city. You see her perform at many general events and festivals; participating in parades and teaching the traditional cultural dance of Samba.

Lucia Azevedo is the only Brazilian-Canadian resident crowned "Queen of Samba". Lucia was given the blessing in Brazil by Rio de Janeiro's best "passista" (samba dancer) Aldione Sena, winner of five golden trophies.

Lucia Azevedo was born in Ceara and grew up in Rio de Janeiro. "Since I was a child I loved to dance. I was always chosen to represent my school in all of the dance presentations", says Lucia. In 1985 she won the title of First Princess of Carnaval of the Governor Island - Rio, and Queen of the Carnaval the following year. In 1993 Lucia became part of the union of the professional organization "SATED". She formed her own group and performed all over Brazil. This also gave her the opportunity to travel to North America and Europe where she performed and taught Samba in 1996-97.

Since 1997 she has been producing and presenting Samba Shows in BC, mainly Vancouver, first participating with local groups: Show Brasil, Ache Brasil, Sambalada, Brejera, Sambata and later on with her own group Queen of Samba & Dancers group (SHOWS).

She has been showcased in special presentations with the Vancouver Symphony, Jazz Festival, PNE, Canada Day, Canada Place, Vancouver Pride Parade, Chinese New Year, Four Seasons Hyatt Hotel, Annual Magic Show in Las Vegas, Vancouver Fashion Week and John Casablanca Fashion Show with Dorinha Jeans, special events for The Bay and Sears amongst many others including trade shows, weddings, anniversaries and business conferences. Lucia performed as Carmen Miranda with original costumes in a documentary on her life for Shaw TV and has been showcased in every magazine and newspaper including cover of Metro News, amongst others. From 2005 to 2009 'Queen of Samba' won first prize in the Multicultural group category at the Caribbean Festival parade in North Vancouver.

Lucia has also represented Brazil for Molson Breweries in numerous publicity campaigns. The Queen regularly returns to Rio to participate in the annual Carnaval Parade, at the Marques de Sapucai Avenue, with some of the top Samba Schools (first prize in 2006 and 2008). Lucia has participated multiple times in the live show TV Diario.

Lucia has taught samba lessons at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Club Brasil, Portuguese Benevolent Society Centre, private, and currently at Scotia Dance Centre (CLASSES) in downtown Vancouver .

Besides being a talented dancer with twenty years of professional experience, Lucia also expresses her creativity and innovation through her extensive collection of authentic and original Brazilian Carnival costumes, (COSTUMES) all designed and created by herself.

Lucia takes pride in having dual citizenship. She loves both her native and adopted countries and brings them closer together by sharing her passion for Samba with all Canadians.

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